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you see when we burn we dont really have a choice...but we burn another we do. why cause pain when happiness is so hard to come by.. let there be more compassion and tenderness...let no one in pain go unnoticed, let no darkness be eternal that light cannot seep through..

even if you have been hurt, been betrayed and been through a lot - do not stop being sensitive. that is a wonderful quality. sometimes its a curse i know yet mostly it brings a whole lot of good stuff. so even when you cant tolerate a bit more pain, look around those who might be in the same place or worse. and suppose you cant do it all for them - still reach out whenever you can and do your bit.

sometimes it aches so much that we cannot bear to be touched, stroked or held - thats when it all threatens to spill,  the wounds open up, its scary. i push away people when im too hurt or scared. so i try to be there even when others drive me away, not to pester but to be somewhere nearby should they call out. and these days im trying to be better than i have been and am trying not to push away people even when im suffering.

happy healing - you, me and the world :-)

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